Sunday, 1 December 2013

On His Excellency's Service - Prologue

I GM'd my first ever game of Warhammer on Friday. A first as back in the day we'd only ever manage to get two players together, so a GM was a luxury!

There was a few important lessons learned, which I'll cover in the conclusion when I get to that point. Overall though it roughly worked out, although no scenario survives first contact with the audience... And the players (Gaj of Warhammer for Adults, and Golgfag1 of Oldhammer Day orc horde fame) seemed to mostly enjoy it.

So, on to the briefings.

Defender (Wezma Blan-kit's warband)

Too many tasks...!

Somewhere in this forest lies the remains of Jurgen Thrice-Cursed. His remains and likely with them his sword - one of his curses. A sword your research suggests would offer more power in the hands of a wizard... a wizard such as yourself, perhaps.

And then there's the amulet. Several weeks back, prior to your meeting with Issbig and his retinue, your followers happened across a band of fools (they probably considered themselves adventurers, or even heroes) and slaughtered them. After the fight it transpired that one of them was carrying a warpstone amulet in a casket, presumably in a doomed attempt to protect the carrier from its influence. On examination you ascertained that the amulet had no apparent additional powers (other than being made of the very stuff of Chaos...!) but it would merit further study, once you have finished your present search. Of course, as a powerful chaos wizard you have no need for protection from the amulet, and are proud to wear it openly.

And Issbig. Your meeting with him seemed fortunate at the time, offering as it did seemingly reliable muscle to supplement your arts and your distinctly erratic allies. He was suitably impressed by your obvious favour with the dark powers, and with the amulet. Although he's perhaps more impressed with it recently than when he first joined you... maybe he's not so reliable after all...

And now another distraction. You've been aware for some time that a largish warband was heading your way. It seems unlikely that it's related to your presence here, but even if they're just passing through you can't afford to have them unchecked in the area. As you outnumber them significantly you've set an ambush but your dark elf allies have failed to show, which cuts down your advantage of numbers somewhat. Your so-called ally Dalofir will be another problem to deal with, once you've destroyed these intruders.

Victory conditions -
  • All opposing characters killed
  • Wezma or Issbig survive (and Wezma not killed by Issbig)
Deployment -

The warband is approaching up a shallow valley, along a path marked by the red arrow. You can deploy your main force anywhere in the grey shaded zone. If deployed in the blue areas they'll be hidden and can be moved as hidden troops until they come out of hiding or the enemy get close enough to spot them. The marsh along the top of the table counts as difficult ground, as do the woods or marching uphill.

Special rules (not included in player briefing) -
  • If Wezma is injured to half wounds or less, and not associated with a unit, Issbig will attempt to kill him, take the amulet, and leave the table via the nearest edge

Attacker (Commander Bhondd's Joint Task Force)

Humans! There was a time when the idea of an Elven ambassador to one of their so-called realms would have been laughable. There was a time when the current situation could have been swiftly dealt with by a flight of dragonkin. But sadly no longer. And so you find yourself trudging through the forests of their pathetic "Empire" listening to one who calls themself a mage but who has no more understanding of the arcane than you'd expect from a child!

When his Excellency warned their council of the emergence of a powerful warpstone artefact you didn't expect a great deal. But you expected him at least to be listened to. On reflection (which you've had time to do these last few weeks) there were probably listeners who knew too much acting in concert with those who knew too little. And so again your people were forced to take matters into their own hands, this time burdened by an "advisor" who knows nothing. At least her presence prevents you having to force your way through human-held lands.

Her smattering of Elvish, which she's so proud of, really is ghastly. So you have been forced to converse in Reikspiel these last weeks. And her title of advisor seems to have given her opinions on everything from the deployment of your force to ...

Wait! The artefact is close! Very close!

Victory conditions -
  • Artefact recovered and carried from the battlefield by an elven hero
  • Wanda survives
Deployment -

Anywhere in the grey shaded zone. Though belatedly registering the enemy's presence you move first.

Special rules -
  • Any unit with Wanda as an associated character is subject to stupidity
  • Wanda is initially associated with the elven general's unit
  • If an elven hero spends an entire turn stationary they can identify which enemy character is carrying the amulet, or its approximate location if the enemy character is still hidden


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