Thursday, 19 March 2015

Do you have a flag?

My main orc warriors unit does, finally.

I must admit to a fair amount of procrastination for this one - adding the replacement arm was a bit daunting, not to mention the banner itself.

The banner is arguably slightly over the top size-wise, but I blame my younger self for that. We never really paid much attention to standards when we were playing 2nd edition, but when 3rd came out they seemed to be given much more prominence, and army standards were introduced as well, so obviously enormous banners were called for. I found the template for my original at my parents' house a few months back, so felt compelled to reproduce it. I must say it came out rather better second time around, not least thanks to Nico's excellent tutorial.

The banner is newspaper soaked in watered down PVA and allowed to dry before painting - although it still sags alarmingly while being painted it eventually mostly flattens out - if anything I feel it could do with being a bit more wavy.

The one part of the process which really didn't work for me was trying to make the standard pole - hence the use of actual twigs, which have the additional advantage of coming pre-painted! The twig is slightly on the chunky side, but I do like the idea that he's carrying around most of a tree with a battered flag attached...

Figures painted for year to date: 6