Saturday, 15 June 2013

Back in the painting chair

I've just started painting my first miniatures in over 20 years for the Oldhammer painting challenge. It will hopefully become a regular event, encouraging people with unpainted lead and not enough time to actually get painting.

Life was simpler back in the day - White Dwarf taught me pretty much everything I knew about figure painting, and apart from deciding between white or black undercoat there was only really one way of painting. Not so any more - there's whole topics on places like the Lead Adventure Forum on techniques I'd never even heard of, from edge lining to non-metalic metals, opinions as to which brand of paints are best, and so forth. Plus there's all the photos to show me that the results I achieved back in the day, while decent enough, were average at best.

With all this extra information it will be interesting to see if the results I achieve with my first batch - my very small Khorne warband plus the goblins from my Undivided warband - are any better than I used to, and how my technique evolves with time.