Thursday, 21 November 2013

Some orcs painted after a looong hiatus

20+ years since I last painted an orc I've now painted a whole unit of them. Meet Ratrak's Arrers:

OK, they're not quite finished, I still have the bases to do.

With some lessons learned from the Oldhammer forum I've tried to give them a bit of a coherent look, while keeping them individual, so there's a fair smattering of dark reds in the clothing and buckskin for the leathers. The concept with the shields is that they take them from their fallen enemies, daub them with the crossed arrows sign, and off they go. With just the underlying colours on it was all looking like the shields would go horribly wrong, but actually the arrows ties them together quite well and gives a good impression of an irregular unit.

I'm aiming to get together a reasonable sized orcs plus chaos warband fairly quickly (well, quickly by my standards, alongside a full time job and a full time family) before I allow myself to get side-tracked into dwarves and other distractions...