Monday, 10 July 2017

Beastmaster complete, challenge failed

2 weeks until BOYL '17, 24 figures still to paint. Perhaps time to admit defeat?

My beastmaster is complete -

He's an Alternative Armies Dogman Elite, so arguably not proper Oldhammer, but then his hounds aren't very Oldhammer either. Apart from his mohican I was aiming for "ordinary" - his hounds should be the interesting part of his unit - and I think he's turned out quite well.

Unfortunately that's going to be the only unit of the warband that I finish before BOYL. While I'm sure there are some who would make good use of the remaining two and a bit weeks to churn out another unit or two, given that we move house on the Friday of BOYL there won't be much miniature painting in my near future!

I'm not sure what I'll be aiming to paint after BOYL, it probably depends what the wargaming options are in my new part of the world. I'm keen to carry on with my plans for this warband, but it might be one more project that ends up on the shelf...


  1. A little birdie tells me you are moving in the same direction that i am. We'll have to compare notes.

    1. OK, I'm intrigued but none the wiser... :)

      My long-term plan is a chaos force that's about the opposite of what I'd have gone for in my youth (but still with a unit of warriors at its core). I need to finish my beastman unit, then my next stop is some thug horse which I'm really keen to get in to, but which will probably be very slow as the figures in question will need some converting.