Tuesday, 25 July 2017

A single dwarf

Even I can manage to get that painted...

Kimril is another of those figures I've owned for an awfully long time, and only just got around to painting. I'm pleased in a way - he's looking a lot better than he would have done if I'd painted him in my youth, although still far short of the standard of a lot of stuff in the Oldhammer scene.

There's a bring-a-giant-slayer spot on what it seems will be one of the fabulously decorated tables at BOYL, where hopefully he'll get a run-out and come to a suitably glorious end.

I'm really looking forward now to getting some paint on some other dwarves, which after all was one of my first objectives when I got back into the hobby, but currently it looks as though they're about fourth in the queue. So next year probably...

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