Monday, 30 November 2015

More lovely things to spend money on

At the worst possible time of year not only is the Diehard Miniatures Kickstarter in its last few days but Bood wants to take our money in exchange for dwarves.

It doesn't look like Diehard will quite make the Son of Slomm stretch goal, and to my mind some of the warriors and wizards are a bit ordinary for the £6 price tag (which to my mind is slightly into premium pricing for figures that size), but I'll be honest and say I'm salivating over some of the others!

I've been looking forward to getting some of Bood's dwarves ever since I first became aware of the project. Real life seems to have impacted his plans somewhat, which while understandable is something of a worry, but seeing that some of the dwarves have already seen the light of day on Blue's blog is a reassuring counter to that.

I wonder if the kids will mind Christmas being postponed for a few months...?

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