Monday, 5 January 2015

Painting projects for the year - ambitious version

I've been idly musing several painting projects in my head, while failing to put paintbrush to the orcs I'm meant to be painting...

Having looked at my actual output for 2014 I've scaled this list back somewhat - but it's still way more than I'm likely to finish in 2015. However, stuff I'd like to paint next -
  • My Oldhammer forum avatar and the standard bearer for my main orc unit
  • The hobgoblins and wolf riders from the Dolgan Raiders scenario, including Bagnol, Blackeye and a wagon. In other words about the same figure count as my entire output for 2014, but by August...
  • Some Gondor guards in mail - because in Middle Earth they've not invented plate armour yet
  • The figures from an entire old school scenario - OK, Terror of the Lichmaster's Assault on the Mine only has 21 skeletons and 6 dwarves, but still...
  • Some good guys - my daughters refer to my orcs as "my knights", I think it's time I painted something a bit closer to knightly. Probably the billmen I picked up at Foundry last year
  • The thugs from my Gulgan's raiders project
That's around 100 figures - realistically way more than I'll get to paint this year. Hopefully BOYL will be enough motivation to get the biggest chunk done though, and then we'll see!


  1. Can't wait to see painted versions of the hobgoblins from Dolgans Raiders... so I particularly wish you good luck with that.

  2. Thanks - I'm going to need all the luck I can get (or at least more time!). So far there's been much thinking but not much doing - although I will hopefully address that with an update post in the near future...