Sunday, 12 August 2018

BOYL was last week...

... but I've only just properly got back to the internet via Sussex (holiday) and London (work) so have only got to blogging about it now.

Given the lateness there's no point in me doing a general write-up and loads of other people have done great ones already. So on that topic I'll just link to Thantsants' and Whiskey Priest's posts, which in turn link to lots of other write-ups.

I hadn't been sure about what to plump for as my Saturday game but in the end Thantsants' Rigg's Shrine game caught my fancy. Currently having vikings on the brain and recently-ish having played the Kremlo scenarios I thought it'd be interesting to do a Kremlo conversion to bring to the game. I'd originally planned to spruce up an extra unit of vikings to bring with him but in the end only managed to add a single berserker to my group.

I was pretty happy with how he turned out, given that he's only my second substantial conversion. There are several bits that aren't how I'd like, and results are never as good as the concept you have in your mind's eye, but he's definitely good enough. I was helped by the fact that I was taking on something alien, and the eye lets you off where it would be far more critical with a human figure, and also because Kremlo is a bit of an oddity having a very different head shape to other Slann of the same era. I used Kremlos by Thantsants, Aiteal and Greblord as references, as well as the C32 Palace Guard for general size and shape. In the end he's a bit between those two and so not recognisably either, but he did the job.

At the event he bumped into two other Kremlos, including this one of Harry's who turned out to be the last Kremlo standing. Side-by-side the flaws with the head are more apparent, with mine being rather too plain, but I'm happy enough with him.

The Rigg's Shrine game looked spectacular, with the jungle looking great but overshadowed by the sheer amount of work that the shrine had taken Steve to build which really showed in the end result.

Here it is fully assembled after the game -

And in action, with the final showdown near the high altar -

Best of all the game was fast paced (we got through nearly 20 turns) while still allowing plenty of time for chatting and admiring little bits of lead. It left me with a desire to get more stuff painted, and soon (perhaps the year after next) to contribute more substantively to one of these big games. As Whiskey Priest points out in his call to arms, to get the most out of BOYL you really want to be rolling dice, and there are relatively few games - such as this one and the Helsreach board - that cater to pickup players. One of these days I need to do my bit in that regard.

So that was my Saturday - next I'll look at the 1000 points of chaos versus orcs game that Paul D and I had planned for our Sunday.


  1. Nice write up Paul, I look forward to reading the tale of our game, from you prospective, in your next post.