Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Orctober 59th

Blimey he's late.

After a long hiatus from painting I nearly managed to get my brushes unpacked when Orctober rolled around, and then I at least started him with a view to getting him ready for a rather fun Realm of Chaos warbands game last week.

It's OK - the giant's been graviton gunned. Got to love RoC

But that didn't happen, so one of my old armoured orcs stepped up to lead my warband instead.

I'm quite pleased with how he turned out - I've emphasised his orc-iness as his day job will be as part of my elite unit in my orc army, which meant among other things the green shield. He's maybe a bit too muted as a result, although I think the belly plate stands out nicely because of that.

Hopefully I'm now back into painting, there seems to be a bit of an Oldhammer community here in the Exeter area so that should be a bit of a motivator. If the rest of the year stops being quite so hectic.

Edit: I should have mentioned that the figure is Gorkus the Exhile from the Pantheon of Chaos Kickstarter (Knightmare Games).


  1. Good to know you're settling in, down in the South West Paul. Looks as though you've fallen on your feet with the local gaming scene.

    Wishing you well

    Paul / Golgfag1

    1. Thanks Paul. Yes, fallen on my feet but a bit swamped by real life, hence the very slow reply! :(

      Not quite got my act together with regular gaming yet but am getting a pleasing amount of Oldhammering in