Thursday, 15 June 2017

Modern-ish chaos hounds

9 weeks until BOYL '17, 25 figures still to paint

My painting has slightly fallen off a cliff for the last couple of months due to the pressures of real life. I'm starting to have to face up to not meeting this challenge, but I'll get a few more churned out at least!

I had a bit of a hunt around for chaos hounds when I decided to add some to my warband. Naturally my first thought was of the classic chaos hounds, which have been nicely showcased on vonkortez's blog, but not having been a chaos player back in the day I'm not emotionally attached to them and by modern standards they're a bit on the small side.

As an alternative the hellhounds from Heresy Miniatures looked rather nice and I was on the verge of ordering some of them when a batch of 1999 chaos hounds came up on eBay.

I'm mostly pretty pleased with how these came out, especially the scorpion tailed one, where for once the colours I ended up with were about what I had in my mind's eye. The green and grey one isn't quite as planned, but I'm still fairly happy with it.

The colour schemes are meant to reflect a creature being formed without quite understanding how actual creatures work, and for the same reason I've gone for blue on the fleshy parts. They still need basing (as with the rest of the force) and a handler - coming soon!

But at least that's a further 69 points with paint on.


  1. Very cool! Great colour choice, I did mine in red, as you have seen, and I don't like them at all. I thought it was the figures, but now am convinced it's the red paint job!

    The heresy hellhounds are *big* They are more 40mm base figures I think.


    1. Thanks for the feedback - glad you like them. My only concern is I don't quite know where I'd go if I had to do another three, partly on the colours front but also because, while I really like these sculpts, they're a bit too distinctive. As in, I wouldn't really want two of the scorpion tails in the same beast pack. But that's a problem for a long way down the road.