Monday, 30 January 2017

Beastmen across the eras

26 weeks until BOYL '17, 30 figures still to paint

I tried quite hard to resist eBay as a source of beastmen, and have hopefully found enough currently-available models from a variety of manufacturers to make up over half my unit. But I had to conclude that my tastes have been heavily influenced by Games Workshop beastmen, and that even some of their more modern ones are actually rather good.

With my broo from the beginning of the month I'm covering quite a range of years, from Citadel's very earliest up to a plastic(!) figure which I understand kids these days would call an ungor. One of the challenges I face with assembling this group is scale creep over the years balanced against a very valid question of just how uniform should a bunch of mutants be? In the end it comes down to a matter of my probably odd and definitely arbitrary taste, but for me the larger contemporaries of the ungor (gors?) are too bulky whereas the pestigor in the middle is a wonderfully mutated model and, while big, in keeping generally with his companions.

I might have to revisit all of this when I get the remaining models I'm currently planning on using in my hands, and see how they sit together in practice.

I'm going for a generic chaos warband rather than this new-fangled Realm of Chaos notion of power-specific forces and so far am enjoying mixing and matching the colour scheme. I don't really have a theme other than "drab with highlights" - for the cow-beastman I was going for a two-tone look and am happy with how he turned out, except for the design on his shield which I feel is a bit clumsy. The pox-ridden chap I deliberately gave an un-Nurgle highlight colour, and the ungor (whose scheme is lifted from one of the beastmen in Bryan Ansell's Warhammer Armies force) I again wanted to give a suitably contrasting shield. I'm quite please with how that came out as well - I'm just hoping this plan keeps working as the unit gets larger.

I need to speed up a bit as well...!

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