Monday, 3 August 2015

So that was BOYL '15!

Good to see people already planning for next year, I can't wait to see what springs from the hive mind as the focus event for that. Oldhammer Ahoy pipped the Deathrace to the highlight title for this year, at least for me, and the photos over on Shadowking's blog showcasing the quality and quantity nicely illustrate why, although they looked even better "in the flesh".

Captain Crooks travelling from the other side of the world to put on a game rather puts everyone else to shame though!

I was glad to get my caravaners onto the beautifully prepared table for the Fallout game -

The Nuka-Cola bottle caps are re-roll tokens, which we each had 3 of, and hint at the shear level of effort that LegioCustodes had put into preparing for the game. 

The game was a great showcase of how GM'd scenarios outshine straight forward two-player games. There were six of us playing, with only the supermutants and the Children of the Cathedral having the luxury of knowing who was "against" them (everybody) or who they were "against" (everybody).

I spent the game feeling decidedly out-gunned, but my objectives didn't actually set me against anyone and I was extremely fortunate that all the potential obstacles in my path were either dealt with by other players or decided they had other groups they'd rather fight elsewhere.

I managed to achieve my objectives without firing a shot, and with only one or two unsuccessful shots aimed at me. I had the occasional feeling that it'd be fun to take a more active role than was strictly necessary but was conscious that to do so would probably go badly for me, never mind the fact that ammo you use is ammo you can't sell later!

Fantasy remains where my heart is, but on this showing I would happily paint more stuff with guns.


  1. I think you role-played that game fantastically - like you say firing off all your ammo is much less profitable!

    Much kudos to Legio Custodes for such an amazing looking and, by all accounts, hugely enjoyable game.

    1. I must say I took a fair amount of pleasure from the other players trying to guess what my objectives were.

      There were a few points when it looked as though I'd have to take on a Brotherhood of Steel knight with a Gatling laser, or a couple of defence towers, which my guards weren't looking forward to (never mind not wanting to shell out for their dangerous duties rates!).

  2. Cheers Paul!
    I have to say it was one of the best games I have ever taken part in and both me and the missus had a great time from start to finish!! Everyone took to their roles with gusto and it was a joy to GM!
    I did enjoy asking you every turn 'Shooting' and you just smiling and shaking your head as your caravan headed towards its goal! Top were the only faction who managed to survive with their entire starting strength intact!!

    Great blog by the way!!

    1. Thanks again to you too Legio!

      In some alternate universe I'd have had to fight past that BoS gunner and the ghouls near the ruins, and the wastelanders would shoot up my brahmin, and it'd all have got very messy.

      Even the first encounter of tiptoeing past the NCR was a bit odd - there's no real reason for shooting but you never quite know what's going to happen.

      It really showcased the difference between playing through a scenario and wargaming, even if some of the rowdy types over in the ruins were doing their fair share of fighting! But even there the Children were able to achieve their objective and then go home (those that were still able...).

  3. For me it really highlights how Rogue Trader was able to mix RPG and traditional Wargaming into an useful tool. It really is a game that requires a GM ...once you have one the world is your oyster! Its all about taking part as opposed to winning or losing!