Wednesday, 19 November 2014

A late (half) orc

Early orctober was looking quite productive, then suddenly it's late November and I've only just got around to finishing this guy -

Shaman with Skull Staff - classic Grenadier sculpt available from Forlorn Hope Games (amongst others).
Once I finally got my brushes in hand again he was a pleasure to paint, and I'm really pleased with the way he turned out. I'm trying to minimise my drybrushing (although I still used it here on the fur, staff and hair) and instead shade by hand and mostly I think this has turned out quite well. As always the camera highlights some issues which don't really show up in the flesh, but I'm resisting the urge to go back and fix them until I've got a few more chaps painted.

It's savage orcs next, although I'm not sure if I can get mine looking as good as Thantsants' tribe. After that I'll probably find myself painting another shaman - I have a really bad track record for keeping wizards alive in battle, and the trouble with narrative gaming is you can't just show up using the same figure who was killed last time. But I do have two more orcs and a hobgoblin caster queuing up to plug the gap...

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