Saturday, 6 September 2014

Orc boar boyz - eventually

The one of my two "should have been ready for BOYL" units is finally done, only a month late...

The remaining unit, my much-delayed hobgoblins, have been jumped in the queue by some savage orcs, for reasons I'll go into in a future post.

It does though mean I've sort-of met the target I set myself in October last year of getting this warband painted -

Sort-of, because they're not quite as done as I'd like - the boar boyz don't have their shield designs done, and neither they or the main boyz unit have standards yet. And some of the bases still need work. However I've started time-boxing myself on each unit in order to get more table-ready, I'll come back to them for a final polish once I've got the fuller warband painted. In theory by the end of the year...

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