Friday, 30 August 2013

The saga of Grumdin the Proud (Bring Out Your Lead Realm of Chaos warband)

Chaos attributes: Teleport, Overgrown body part (head, x2)

Grumdin was once a proud commander of war parties for the dwarven hold of Karak Hirn. His career came to an end during an expedition against a raiding party out of the Black Mountains when, at a council of war, he killed the arrogant and distainful leader of a contingent of allied Knights Panther. Sent home in disgrace he then inflicted a severe beating on the elder placed in judgement over him, and was exiled forever from his hold.

Wandering the Empire, growing increasingly embittered by his fall from grace, he fell pray to the whispers of Khorne, the Blood God. Beastmen and other creatures who were drawn to him were forged into a travisty of his former command and, swearing vengence, he fell upon the outlying outposts of his former home. After initial success his warband were met by an organised dwarven force and were slaughtered. Grumdin escaped, using his new-found ability to teleport, but saw the defeat as the sign of his god's disfavour. Hearing rumours of a gathering of the followers of the hated Slaneesh in the Chaos Wastes he gathered together the few survivors of his defeat and headed north in search of death or redemption.

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