Wednesday, 28 November 2012

New blog, first post

A place to think out loud about pen and paper RPG stuff.

My history teacher introduced a group of my friends to Dungeons and Dragons in my very early teens (25+ years ago, ouch) and we, as DMs and players, must have made nearly every mistake in the book. One of which was that dragons weren't scary, just good sources of treasure.

We eventually outgrew D&D, with it's out of scale power levels, or so we saw it, and moved on to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (original edition, of course).

I drifted away from the hobby in my third year at university, substituting with computer RPGs (along with a diet of Quake and its successors) and then World of Warcraft when that came along. But the reality is that there's mostly game and very little roleplaying in a computer generated world, and so I find myself turning back towards the real thing.

I'm not sure it's possible to be involved in this hobby without being something of a world builder, so here's a place to set my thoughts on various RPG subjects into bits and bytes.

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